American Baptist College


American Baptist Theological Seminary

Explore the rich history of the American Baptist Theological Seminary through this digital repository collection, spanning its inception to a transformative name change in the 1990s. Uncover the institution's formative years, pivotal moments, and the profound evolution that shaped its identity.

Commencement and Convocation

This collection contains commencement and convocation photos, programs, and flyers intermittently spanning through the years, offering a glimpse into the historical milestones of events and celebrations.

The GNL Collection

These are documents created for the Garnett-Nabrit Lecture Series Collection, encompassing programs and circulars.

The Holy Hill Collection

A captivating collection of photos showcasing the American Baptist Theological Seminary, gradually building up to the spiritual crescendo embodied in the revered "holy hill." Each image tells a story of faith, education, and the sacred journey that converges on this symbolic summit of spiritual enlightenment.

The Seminarian

The Seminarian, a longstanding publication of the American Baptist Theological Seminary, delves into local and national Baptist news, covering updates from various Baptist Churches, governing boards, and schools.

Yearbook Collection

This collection includes yearbooks from American Baptist Theological Seminary/American Baptist College and the National Baptist Missionary Training School throughout the years, presenting a sporadic chronicle of their academic history.

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